‘Heartwarming’: Tropical Hut thanks Pinoys for support after viral status

June 17, 2022 - 4:29 PM
Tropical Hut Riverbanks
Branch of Tropical Hut in Riverbanks, Marikina in this photo uploaded on its Facebook page in March 2016. (Facebook/tropicalhut)

“We value your patronage.”

Tropical Hut Hamburger thanked Filipinos for patronizing them after it recently became viral on social media following a tweet.

The decades-old homegrown fast food chain responded to a tweet from John Paul Tanyag, a market surveillance analyst responsible for previously bringing attention to it among social media users.

“Maraming salamat, Tropical Hut lovers (heart emoji) for the heartwarming words of appreciation!” the restaurant tweeted to him on Thursday.

“We value your patronage. See you at #TropicalHut!
#SarapNaBabalikbalikan,” it added.

Tropical Hut’s tweet was a response to Tanyag who posted about eating in one of its branches on Independence Day.

“Tropical Hut in Escolta, ako lang ang customer nila,” he wrote with accompanying pictures of the restaurant’s exterior and interior.

Tanyag also shared his dining experience and his thoughts about the fast food chain in his succeeding tweets.

“I remember eating out with my family in Tropical Hut along Baymart Plaza in Lower Bicutan. Really competing sila with the likes of Jollibee and Chowking (hindi pa binili ni Jollibee era),” he wrote.

“On one hand, okay na din na the owners did not sell to their competition (yung big food brand binili yung competing brands niya and it is not as good as before). Iyon nga lang, really surviving yung remaining restos nila. Buti na lang din may food delivery apps,” Tanyag added.

“They have so much on their menu. And sana in five, ten, twenty years, they will still be there,” he further said.

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Tanyag’s tweets have prompted several Filipinos to head to its nearest branches and satisfy their cravings for its meals such as burgers and clubhouse sandwiches.

His post also led some to become new patrons of the fast food chain.

The buzz also led to clamors for the brand to open more provincial branches so it could reach more people.

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As of Friday, Tanyag reminded patrons to be “extra” patient with their online orders from the restaurant and to give tips to the delivery riders.

Meanwhile, Tropical Hut on its Facebook page also expressed gratitude to Filipinos who have since placed orders and patronized them after the renewed popularity.

“Thank you for the vote of confidence #TropicalHut lovers!
Dine with us or have your #THHamburger delivered!” it said.

It also included the hashtags “#SarapNaBabalikbalikan” and “#nostalgic feels.”

The fast food chain began offering burgers in 1965, earlier than Jollibee and McDonald’s Philippines.

Patrons can avail of its food items through dine-in, take-out or Grab delivery.

Some of its offerings include Rancho Ranchero and “sili” burgers, Pinoy-style spaghetti, quick-fried beef, clubhouse sandwiches and spring chicken meals.