‘White, gold or blue, black?’: Sassa Gurl’ praised for ‘Drag Den PH’ premiere outfit

December 7, 2022 - 7:09 PM
Screenshots of Sassa Gurl arriving at the "Drag Den Philippines" Premiere Night on December 6 (Twitter/Drag Den Philippines)

Internet personality Sassa Gurl’s outfit during the premiere night of “Drag Den Philippines” drew attention on social media.

The much-anticipated drag competition held an exclusive premiere in TriNoma, Quezon on December 6 ahead of its worldwide premiere on Prime Video.

“Drag Den Philippines” will start streaming on December 8.

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Among the star-studded guests of the event, Sassa Gurl, the show’s “drag runner,” was one of the most talked about guests online because of the colors of her outfit.

Based on the photos, she wore an off-shoulder dress in blue and black colors when she arrived on the red carpet. During the pre-show program, she wore a similar ensemble in gold and white.

The Twitter page of “Drag Den Philippines” uploaded images and videos of moments during the premiere night that included Sassa’s outfit changes.

Several online users perceived that the popular TikTok creator was referencing the iconic dress that became the subject of heavy internet debate in 2015.

Back then, two camps were formed–one for those who believe the dress is color blue and black, and the rest for those who saw the dress as gold and white.

These online users then brought up the question again in jest: “What is the color of Sassa Gurl’s dress?”

Some of them even juxtaposed a photo of Sassa Gurl outside the movie theater with another image of her during the pre-show program.

Other Filipinos, meanwhile, praised Sassa Gurl for the concept of her premiere night dress.

“Ang inspiration ba ng dress na to eh yung pinagkaguluhang dress about sa color??!! SH*** ANG WITTYY,” one online user said.

“ANG CLEVER OMG,” another user tweeted.

“Sh*** yung blue or yellow dress! Witty!” another user commented.

Sassa Gurl has recently been making buzz online for the clever and amusing concepts of her costumes and outfits in past star-studded events.

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The iconic dress’ optical illusion

Some reports said that the online photo of “the dress” started as a post on Tumblr, a blogging platform, wherein a user asked the Tumblr community about its color.

It soon spread like wildfire across Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networking sites. It divided internet users over their perception of what colors the picture of the garb is showing.

Experts and scientists later settled the case with a theory over the polarized view—optical illusion.

David Williams, a vision scientist at the University of Rochester in New York, explained that the difference in the brain’s assumption of the illumination or daylight in the photo may have something to do with this phenomenon.

“When you look at an object, the light your eyes see from the object depends on two things: how the object is illuminated, he said, and the intrinsic properties of the object. So your brain is always working behind the scenes to figure out what the true color of the object is,” Williams was quoted in a report as saying.

“I think the brain has just made a different assumption about how the dress is being illuminated,” he added.