‘It’s borderline bullying’: TikToker Oliver calls out Pinoys bashing Miss Universe bets

January 12, 2023 - 4:39 PM
Composite photo of Oliver and Philippines' Celeste Cortesi (Facebook/Otakoyakisoba, Miss Universe)

A content creator called on Filipino fans to avoid bullying candidates of the 71st Miss Universe.

Internet personality Oliver of Otakoyakisoba made this call on Twitter after seeing some comments from Filipinos regarding the performance of Philippines’ bet Celeste Cortesi during the preliminary competition on January 12 (Philippine time)

These events include the swimwear and evening gown portion. National costume competition also followed.

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They were live-streamed via the Facebook page of Miss Universe and the YouTube channel of Lazada.

Amid the support for Celeste, Oliver or Olly noticed some Filipinos were a bit mean and “borderline” bullying” with their remarks to the Philippines’ representative and to other candidates. He called them out on Twitter.

“Philippines. This toxic way of supporting our candidates needs to stop. Every little move, hair out of place, diction, weight, costume, lack of smile, walk, etc. These women are already being judged, they just need support, not your mean-spirited opinions,” Oliver tweeted.

“There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but it’s borderline bullying sometimes,” he added.

Oliver also pointed out that Celeste and Team Philippines have known what they were doing from the start.

“I’m sure Celeste and the team Miss Philippines just put forth their best effort just like every candidate does since 2010. They have their reasons for their choices,” he said.

His Twitter thread ended by reiterating that fans can express their dislike over a candidate without being mean.

“You don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to be mean about it. At the end of the day the best answer, advocacy, and confidence win. This is a new era, not the old previous one all about looks,” Oliver said.

The keyword “Celeste,” meanwhile, continues to trend alongside other keywords related to Miss Universe 2022.

She has so far stunned audiences and viewers with her sky-blue preliminary gown and Darna-inspired national costume on stage.

Local pageants also praised Celeste for the advocacy she chose to highlight on her cape—raising and feeding poor children. This was part of her work with Save the Children Philippines.

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