Jollibee drag brunch?: Impromptu drag performance in restaurant gains love online

March 3, 2023 - 3:53 PM
Screenshots of a viral TikTok video that showed drag queens performing in a branch of Jollibee (robertgalicia21/TikTok)

A drag brunch in Jollibee?

A video that showed drag queens performing and entertaining customers in a Jollibee store gained traction on Twitter last week.

This video came from a TikTok content creator named Niño Robert Legaspi with the handle @robertgalicia21.

The footage showed customers in their colorful drag costumes suddenly dancing and strutting their way in front of other diners. The song being played at the store is RuPaul’s “Glamazon.”

@robertgalicia21 Replying to @ulalahrain #dragqueen @Lemon🌈🍋🇵🇭 ♬ original sound – Niño Robert Legaspi

This video has since garnered more than 138,300 views and 17,500 likes on the video-sharing service.

Legaspi also posted another performance from these drag queens. This time, they performed another single from RuPaul “Call Me Mother.”

“Bardagulan sa Jollibee,” he said in the caption with a fire emoji.

@robertgalicia21 BARDAGULAN SA JOLLIBEEEEE 🔥 #dragqueen #LiceoUDays2023 ##68thFoundingAnniversary ♬ original sound – Niño Robert Legaspi

This video garnered 40,300 views and 6,639 likes.

The previous video clip was the one that reached Twitter. Several Twitter users shared it with their followers on the platform.

A Twitter user shared it there and quipped: “Jollibee’s Drag Race.”

Another person on Twitter called it a more affordable version of the “drag brunch” events.

These tweets eventually caught the attention of drag queen fans on Twitter.

They gushed over the looks and the talents of the drag performers in the video.

“FREE (and most likely impromptu, literally out of nowhere) DRAG SHOW IN A JOLLIBEE…I love it!” one Filipino on Twitter said.

“Jollibee and some drag? Hell yeah,” another tweet reads.

“The drag brunch I need,” another Twitter user commented.

Other Twitter users, meanwhile, hoped that the branches near them could also stage such impromptu drag shows.

“Lipa branch when,” a Twitter user asked.

“When po sa Jollibee Hermosa [please],” another tweet reads.

The names of the drag queens were not identified in these videos.

The local drag scene gained more fans in last year due to the release drag reality series “Drag Race Philippines” and “Drag Den Philippines.”