‘Na-gaslight tayo’: JaDine fans revive Yassi Pressman’s old statement amid Issa-James pic

March 17, 2023 - 1:56 PM
Old photo of Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman juxtaposed with the latest picture of James Reid and Issa Pressman (yassipressman, pressmanissa/Instagram)

Yassi Pressman‘s statement about the cheating allegations involving her sister Issa recirculated on social media following rumors that the latter and James Reid are now dating.

Speculations about Issa-James’ relationship sparked after the two posted photos and a video of them attending Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour in Manila” show held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on March 14.

On March 16, Issa uploaded a picture of her holding hands with James on Instagram. This was accompanied by several other photos of Issa and a solo photo of James taking a photo of her.

Issa’s Instagram post has since garnered 44,917 likes on the platform.

Similarly, James also posted a photo of Issa taking a photo of him in an identical pose. He also shared a video of them singing along to Harry’s “Watermelon Sugar” during the concert.


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James’ post has since garnered over 231,800 likes on Instagram.

The two uploaded these at the same time, around 11:20 p.m. on March 16.

These posts left local social media users wondering about James and Issa’s relationship.

Keywords “Nadine,” “James Reid,” and “Issa” quickly dominated topics on Twitter Philippines on Friday.

Nadine Lustre was James’ girlfriend for nearly four years before they announced their break up in 2020.

Bringing up the past

Following the much-publicized split of James and Nadine, Issa was previously speculated as James’ “other woman.”

Some Filipinos, including the fans of JaDine, brought up the statement of Issa’s older sister Yassi where she defended the former against these accusations.

Yassi released this statement on her Instagram account. She also accompanied it with a photo of her and Nadine.

Twitter users uploaded screenshots of this post and shared them on the short-messaging social media platform.

Some also left new comments on Yassi’s Instagram post.

“The time is the ultimate truth teller beh e no,” one Instagram user commented.

“Na-gaslight niya talaga ang mga tao,” another Instagram user commented.

Nadine’s fans, meanwhile, rallied behind her and called her “queen” for not saying anything negative about her friends, James or Issa.

“We can really prove that Nadine knows how to handle her battles. She never [talks] sh** about anyone on the internet or in interviews when in fact she witnessed all the bullsh** people are doing behind her. Silence and grace are her powers. Queen things indeed,” one of Nadine’s fans tweeted.

Recalling the JaDine breakup

Nadine and James issued a joint statement about their breakup on Jan. 20, 2020.

They cited personal growth as the reason for the split.

The news broke the hearts of the love team’s fans. They reminisced about their favorite moments of the popular celebrity couple back then through their social media posts.

Some of them, meanwhile, speculated about the real reason behind such a decision.

One of the speculations involved Issa’s alleged affair with James. It was rumored that their alleged affair started in 2019.

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Following the backlash that the young model received, Yassi quickly jumped in to defend her sister. Her post can still be viewed on Instagram as of writing.

“Initially, we [she and Nadine] all laughed about how crazy the things that woke us up yesterday were, and then….they started getting out of hand, at di na yun tama,” the actress said.

“Ayaw na po sana namin patulan, but we decided to post something because cyber-bullying is not okay, it is never okay,” she added.

Issa also clapped back against her bashers in a separate statement on Instagram.

She denied the rumors as “100% false.”

“If I stay silent, I’m ‘guilty.’ If I stand up for myself, I’m ‘defensive.’ The world judges either way. But to end it here and now, everything is 100% FALSE,” Issa said in her post.