‘Meet the queens’: Three transwomen cast for ‘Drag Race Philippines’ Season 2

July 12, 2023 - 5:48 PM
Composite photo of Bernie Diday, Miss Jade and Katkat posters for Season 2 of "Drag Race Philippines" (dragraceph/Twitter)

Three transwomen were included in the lineup of Filipino drag performers competing in “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2.

The 12 drag queens in the cast of the popular drag competition were unveiled in a beach-themed promo trailer on Tuesday, July 11.

“DRPH” is the Philippine edition of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” franchise.

The trailer was released on the official social media accounts of the show and the WOW Presents Plus channel.

“Meet The Queens of #DragRacePH Season 2!” the post of “DRPH” on Twitter reads.

@dragraceph is BACK and HOTTER than ever!” it added.

In the video, it was shown that Paolo Ballesteros returns as the main host and judge. Paolo also leads the introduction of the 12 contenders and their looks.

The cast members are:

  1. Veruschka Levels
  2. Tiny Deluxe
  3. OV C*nt
  4. Nicole Pardaux
  5. Matilduh
  6. M1ss Jade Lakisu So
  7. Hana Beshie
  8. DeeDee Marie Holliday
  9. Captivating Katkat
  10. Astrid Mercury
  11. Arizona Brandy
  12. Bernie Diday

Three of them are transgender queens:

  • Miss Jade
  • Bernie
  • Katkat

Filipinos praised this representation of Pinay transwomen in the second season of “DRPH” to its international audience.

Other Twitter users also noted the drag queens’ references to Pinoy pop culture in the trailer.

“PakWan, PakTwo, PakYou” tourism slogan is what we need no joke #DragRacePH” a Twitter user said.

“Deedee Holliday with the Shehyee needle drop and Arizona Brandy referencing a ‘Wow Mali’ prank ouhhh. I’m definitely rooting for the CULTURED queens!” another Pinoy said on Twitter.

Shehyee is a Filipino rapper behind the popular song called “Samalamig” in 2015. “Wow Mali,” meanwhile, is a long-running gag show in the country.

“THE CORNETTO AND THE UMBRELLA, OKAYYY” another user said on Twitter.

“The nod to the Philippines’ campiest movie, ‘Temptation Island’ is chef’s kiss,” a fan also said on the platform.

“Temptation Island” is a 1980 Filipino film helmed by Joey Gosiengfiao. It tells the story of four beauty queens who got stranded on an island without food, water and shelter.

Some Season 1 “DRPH” drag queens also expressed support to the new cast members, who were also their colleagues in the local drag industry.

“Welcome to the Family, Queens!! Ngayon palang congratulations na for yet another iconic and unforgettable season! For showing the world Filipino Drag Excellence!” Eva Le Queen said.

“THIS IS EVERYTHING!” Marina Summers said.

“Yazzzzzzzzzzz!” Precious Paula Nicole, who is also the country’s first Drag Race Superstar, commented with a heart emoji.

The first-ever trailer “DRPH” also caught the attention of viewers on social media for its jeepney-inspired aesthetics.

At that time, the drag queens were also praised for the traditional jeepney culture references they mentioned when they introduced themselves in the video.

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