Viral: Mascot resembling Jollibee spotted in Austria

August 10, 2023 - 2:49 PM
A mascot resembling Jollibee was spotted at an event in Vienna, Austria (veronafamilyvlogs/Facebook)

An alternate Jollibee mascot amused several Filipinos on social media for its odd appearance as compared to the official one.

The mascot was caught on video by the Facebook account Verona Family Vlogs. It has since garnered over four million views on the platform.

In the video, which was uploaded on July 22, the replica of the beloved happy bee has similar features to the official mascot, wherein it has red and color hues with a big cheerful smile.

Its body, however, seemed thinner and worn out.

In the caption, the Facebook user also quipped: “Ganito na pala itsura ni Jolibee pag nasa Europe.”

The post also garnered mostly laugh reactions from Facebook users. It has so far received 309,000 reactions, 16,000 comments and 18,000 shares.

In the comments section, Filipinos described the replica as the tired or overworked version of Jollibee.

“Jollibee niyo haggard na…Ikaw ba naman byahe Philippines to Europe,” a Filipino remarked on Facebook.

“Uwi ka na sa Pinas bee bee namin, di na kami galit, mas cute ka dito kasi mahal ka ng mga Pinoy,” a patron of the brand said on the platform.

“Me jetlag ka pa, Jabee?” a Facebook user asked in jest.

“Anyare walang tulog to?” another Pinoy asked jokingly.

Several footage of Filipinos taking pictures with the imitated Jollibee mascot could also be found on YouTube.

YouTube users also were also amused at this version of the iconic bee.

In a separate post, the Facebook account shared that the mascot was spotted in an event for Filipino migrants in Vienna, Austria called Barrio Fiesta sa Vienna 2023.

TFC News Austria reported that this festival is annually held to celebrate and cherish the cultures of the Filipino community in Austria.

The Jollibee Food Corporation, meanwhile, has yet to open a Jollibee store in Vienna or any city in Austria.

In 2020, the organization announced its plan to open at least 50 stores in Europe in the next five years.

Jollibee has so far opened only a few branches in the United Kingdom. Their location can be found on the company’s official website: Jollibee UK — Find Us.