Miss Jollibee’s Lumpiang Shanghai? 12 restos where you can get the Pinoy fave

October 10, 2023 - 5:59 PM
Lumpiang Shanghai
Lumipang Shanghai of Sweet Inspirations in this photo posted on its Facebook page on Sept. 12, 2021 (sweetinspirationsph/Facebook)

While fast food chain Jollibee has removed Lumpiang Shanghai from its menus, the public can still satisfy their cravings for the Pinoy spring roll by visiting some eating establishments that offer the beloved food item.

Jollibee Foods Corp (JFC), the owner of the fast food, confirmed on October 5 that it has phased out one of its crowd favorites following online talks about its disappearance from the resto’s menu.

“We’re happy that people have enjoyed eating our Shanghai as much as we’ve enjoyed serving it to our loyal Jollibee customers, and we’d like to extend our sincerest appreciation for all the support. Unfortunately, our Shanghai is no longer available in our stores,” the firm said in a statement before.

“As we say goodbye to one of the staples in our menu, we invite you to try other new and delicious Jollibee meals such as our Super Meal with Chickenjoy, half Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries and drink; or the all-time favorite Burger Steak to satisfy your cravings,” JFC added.

Jollibee’s Lumpiang Shanghai was a menu offering that was usually paired with a sweet and tangy orange sauce.

It was among the fast food establishment’s most popular food items — next to its fried chicken, of course.

Meanwhile, here are some restaurants and other entities where the public can get their Lumpiang Shanghai fix:


Chowking, which is also owned by JFC, is among those who offer the Pinoy spring roll on its menu. It is usually accompanied by an orange sauce to provide additional flavor that complements the menu item.

Sweet Inspirations

The buffet restaurant offers deep-fried Lumpiang Shanghai with a complementary orange sauce with chopped spring onions.

Aling Banang

The Filipino restaurant offers Lumpiang Shanghai with a generous serving of sauce to satisfy Pinoy spring roll lovers.

Manam’s Pancit Pancitan

The delivery-only brand of The Moment Group is also offering the popular finger food in its menus.

Peter’s Lumpiang Shanghai Atbp.

The Mandaluyong-based shop specializes in making the beloved wrapped food.


The Filipino restaurant chain, known for offering quality Pinoy food, is also offering the popular finger food with a complementary sauce.

The Aristocrat Restaurant

The TasteAtlas-acclaimed Filipino restaurant also has the Pinoy spring roll in its menu offerings. Their version is also the “restaurant’s most iconic dish.”


The Filipino restaurant, which specializes in “comfort food,” also offers Lumpiang Shanghai in a meaty version.


The popular bakeshop does not just specialize in cakes — it also offers group meals, including the iconic spring roll.

Max’s Restaurant

The decades-old restaurant, known for its flavorful fried chicken, also has the Pinoy spring roll in its menu offerings.

Classic Savory

The Chinese restaurant offers Shanghai Rolls with tender fillings and a complementary sweet and sour sauce.

Silver Crown

Another Chinese eating establishment in Caloocan also offers Lumpiang Shanghai with a sweet and sour sauce.

The Lumpiang Shanghai is the most popular variety of lumpia, a crispy, deep-fried meal that evolved from Chinese spring rolls.

It is characterized by a savory filling that combines ground pork or beef with carrots, onions, various seasonings, and, occasionally, shrimps.

The Filipino spring roll is served as a staple dish on special and festive occasions, usually with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

It is commonly seen on birthdays, reunions, graduations and other parties in the country, along with pancit, Pinoy-style spaghetti, lechon and palabok, among others.

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