‘We paid’: Viewers tell off ABS-CBN employee after scathing reply to critic of show ‘Linlang’

November 3, 2023 - 5:59 PM
Linlang poster
"Linlang" poster as seen on the Facebook page of Prime Video Philippines (primevideoph/Facebook)

Several viewers of Amazon Prime Video’s “Linlang” slammed an ABS-CBN employee after lashing out against a critic of one of the show’s stars.

Eric John Salut, an advertising and promotions head for publicity at ABS-CBN, reacted to an X user who disapproved of the acting skills of Anji Salvacion who plays Kim Chiu‘s sister in the series.

The post, which has been deleted, tagged Salut’s account and asked Anji to be removed from the show.

Salut then asked why she would be removed, saying: “Bakit tatanggalin?????!”

Salut replied again with a more scathing remark.

“Huwag ka na lang manood! Why are you even here? Hindi mo nga ako pina follow. Blocked ka na maya maya pa,” he said.

In a separate post, Salut said that he does not allow “cyberbullying” in his X timeline. He also added a screenshot of an online definition of the word “cyberbullying.”

“Cyberbullying is not allowed in my timeline. That’s my rule. You will be auto blocked,” the ABS-CBN employee said.

Salut’s comments, however, were not received well by some Filipinos. They rebuked him, saying that “Linlang” viewers have the right to comment and criticize the show because they paid for their Prime Video subscription.

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“Bakit di niyo tanggapin na napangitan talaga yung audience sa subplot??? Paying audience yan so malamang may mga say sila sa pinapanood nila,” the X account Alt Kapuso posted.

“We paid for a subscription to watch the series, so we get to say what we want kung meron kaming hindi nagugustuhan,” an X user also said.

“In the first place, hindi ikaw nagbayad ng subscription ng nagcocomment. Second of all, as paying customers, these people deserve their money’s worth, and Anji’s ham acting ain’t it,” another X user said.

Where it started

The main X post that Salut engaged with was from X user @scorsaguin. The user poked fun at Anji for her short appearance at a scene in the last episode of “Linlang.”

It was a confrontation scene between Kim (Juliana) and Kaila Estrada (Sylvia), which later ended up in a scuffle. It was shared by X account Kapamilya Online World.

The user, however, focused on Anji, who ran to her sister’s aid.

“Umiiyak na ako kakatawa… bakit nag-twerk si Anji bago matapos yung eksena,” the user said.

Several X users also later replied with their negative reviews of how Anji performed in that scene.

Anji’s previous reaction to critics

Anji has previously acknowledged the criticism thrown at her acting skills as a supporter actor in the Prime Video drama.

In an interview with Teleradyo Serbisyo, Anji said that she decided to “just let them be” while she does her “thing” in her work.

Ang hirap kasing mag-explain and I don’t wanna prove myself to anyone kasi at the end of the day, may mga tao na they believe what they believe in and we cannot change their minds in their close-minded,” the young star was quoted in a report as saying.

“Just let them be, I don’t talk anymore. I just let them talk and talk and I’m just here gonna do my thing,” she added.