Michelle Dee wows with ‘Filipinas’ introduction in Miss Universe 2023 prelims

November 16, 2023 - 10:54 AM
Photo shows Philippine bet Michelle Dee during the Miss Universe 2023 Preliminary competition. (Miss Universe Philippines)

For what appeared to be the first time in recent pageant history, the Philippines is being introduced as “Filipinas” by candidate Michelle Dee in Miss Universe 2023.

The 28-year-old Makati beauty impressed fellow Filipinos when she introduced herself with the term as the preliminary competition of the beauty pageant’s 72nd edition officially kicked on Thursday, November 16 in El Salvador.

The Miss Universe Philippines organization posted a clip of her introduction video with the caption: “‘Michelle Marquez Dee, FILIPINAS!’ And the nation goes wild.”

Some fellow Pinoys found the term “Filipinas” refreshing and different from the usual “Philippines” used in previous editions of the pageant.

“Oyyyyyy, ganda nung Filipinas!!!!” a user on the X (formerly Twitter) platform exclaimed.

“Buti alto si Michelle Marquez Dee, Filipinas! ano. Hindi masakit sa tenga. Hahaha,” another user commented.

“The way she said Filipinas! Chef’s kiss talaga,” a different Pinoy said.

“I love the Filipinas!” commented another user.

Michelle has been using “Filipinas” in her Miss Universe-related posts before.

According to the Philippine bet, she is using the traditional Spanish word for her home country in light of the host country’s official language.

El Salvador natives communicate in Spanish.

Michelle also said the Latina representatives took notice and were appreciative of her introduction before.

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She is competing against more than 80 delegates in the beauty pageant with the hopes of winning the country’s fifth Miss Universe crown.

The grand coronation will happen on November 19 in Philippine time.

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