How to keep pets cool this dry season

April 12, 2024 - 3:56 PM
Photo of dogs and animals posted on the Facebook page of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society on April 11, 2024 (pawsphilippines/Facebook)

Humans are not alone in feeling the heat this warm and dry season.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) gave tips on how furparents can keep their four-legged companions cool amid the hot atmosphere.

The non-profit organization released a “Summer Pet Care Guide” to ensure that animals can be protected against the heat, especially as the country deals with the effects of the El Niño.


According to them, owners should keep their pets hydrated at all times.

“On hot days, refill your pet’s water bowl more frequently and add ice cubes to keep them refreshed!” PAWS said.

Shaded breaks

It also advised people to provide shade and shelter to animals by letting them have shaded breaks during walks or outdoor activities. This is to prevent them from overheating and to keep them cool.

Proper grooming

Furparents are likewise advised to practice proper grooming to ensure their pet’s coat remains clean and cool this warm season.

Dog owners should not shave their dogs as the layers of their coats protect them from the heat and sun.

Cat owners, meanwhile, are not supposed to excessively brush their felines to prevent them from developing heat-related issues.

PAWS said that hairless pets or animals with light-colored fur are also prone to sunburn. Owners should protect them with pet-friendly sunscreen, it added.

The state weather bureau declared the start of the warm and dry season, also popularly known as “summer” season, last month.

PAGASA administrator Nathaniel Servando previously said they expect the number of warm and drier days to “increase in the coming weeks and the coming months.”

He added that the effects of El Niño, a climate pattern associated with extreme heat and drought, are also expected to continue, bringing higher temperatures and drier conditions from April until May.

Thousands of schools have already suspended their classes due to the high heat index experienced in parts of the country.

The Department of Health advised the public to remain hydrated, refrain from going outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and to wear light fabrics and light-colored clothes.

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