Janella Salvador, fans share excitement over official trailer of ABS-CBN’s ‘Darna’

July 8, 2022 - 1:31 PM

Janella Salvador joined her fans online in hyping up the new trailer of the much-anticipated series “Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV Series.”

Anticipation has been building early this year for the new TV adaptation of the popular Pinoy superheroine “Darna” amid the broadcast giant’s previous teaser poster and video early this year.

Last May, they got a glimpse of how Jane De Leon, who played the titular role of Darna, transformed into the iconic superheroine in a 45-second video trailer.

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ABS-CBN finally released the full three-minute trailer on July 7 via different platforms.

This came a day after the official poster of the show was also uploaded online.

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This series will premiere in August.

“Sa gitna ng dilim, magliliyab ang tunay mong lakas! Lilipad na ang itinadhana ngayong August!” the network said on its caption.

The show’s plot was introduced in the trailer.

Iza Calzado, who played Narda’s mother, was shown as the first owner of the magical stone that turned her into a mythical warrior.

After witnessing her own mother’s transformation, Narda became the new keeper of the stone, thus the future Darna.

Throughout the trailer, the lead role’s fear and reluctance to become the destined heroine was highlighted.

The viewers also saw hints of Janella as Regina who later turned into Valentina, the main antagonist.

As of writing, the trailer on ABS-CBN’s Facebook page has garnered two million views already. It also has 85,000 reactions and 4,800 comments.

Local Twitter was similarly filled with buzz on “Darna’s” full trailer.

The keyword “Valentina” and the hashtag #DarnaTrailer were among the trending topics on Twitter Philippines.

The few scenes of Regina seemed to have received the most attention from local users.

“The way Janella Salvador did not utter a single word but her presence was so charismatic. Her take on Valentina would absolutely EATTTT,” one user said.

“I am more intrigue of Valentina 2022 version. I am watching you Miss Janella Salvador,” another user tweeted.

Others even quipped that they will become Valentina “apologist” during the airing of the series.

“I am officially a Valentina apologist #DarnaTrailer,” one user said.

Janella later reacted to their comments.

In a quote-retweet of the post from the show’s producer JRB Creative Production, the actress wrote: “We are ready to ssssserve.”

Other Filipinos were also impressed by the show’s production so far.

“This looks promising. Wow,” one online user said.

“Bongga may improvement ha effects and cinematography…pati music score,” another user tweeted.

Other notable celebrities in “Darna’s” cast members include Joshua Garcia, who will play Narda’s love interest named Brian; and Zaijan Jaranilla as Ricardo Custodio or Ding, her brother.

The upcoming series is helmed by director Chito Roño and the second director Avel Sunpongco.