Miss Universe 2023 nat’l costume standouts: Nicaragua’s black bird, El Salvador’s volcanic empowerment

November 17, 2023 - 4:43 PM
El Salvador and Nicaragua natcos_Miss Universe 2023
Miss Universe El Salvador 2023 Isabella GarcÍa-Manzo in her national costume for Miss Universe 2023; Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023 Sheynnis Palacios in her national costume for Miss Universe 2023 (missuniversosv/Instagram; missnicaraguaof/Instagram)

Nicaragua” and “El Salvador” trended on the X (formerly Twitter) platform as their representatives showcased their respective national costumes on the 72nd Miss Universe stage.

Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023 Sheynnis Palacios and Miss Universe El Salvador 2023 Isabella GarcÍa-Manzo, the host country’s bet, gained buzz in the national costume show of the pageant on Friday, November 17.

Sheynnis drew cheers when she entered the stage as an eye-catching black bird complete with an extensive tail decorated with crystals and shining wings.

Her attire was inspired by her likeness to the “El Zanate” or a  Nicaraguan grackle, a long-tailed blackbird.

“Opening my wings to the wind, I am the elegant and beautiful grackle of jet black colors, with iridescent tones and beautiful song,” Sheynnis said in a social media post before.

Clips of her execution landed on the X platform’s trending list as pageant fans, including Pinoys, shared their reactions.

“Maldita talaga ‘to si Nicaragua!!! Lakas maka-Alice ang national costume,” Twitter influencer Mark Geronimo commented.

“Grabe si Nicaragua!” exclaimed another Pinoy.

“Palong-palo performance ni Nicaragua sa natcos [national costume],” wrote a different user.

“Nicaragua” also trended on the platform on Thursday, when Sheynnis caught attention with her swimwear and evening gown number in the preliminaries.

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Isabella’s country landed on the trending list as well when she showcased her national costume — a “volcanic empowerment costume.”

The attire honors the transformative power of nature and features an eruption of a volcano that is said to symbolize the rebirth of El Salvador.

Isabella amazed the audience when her whole ensemble lit up and made her shine on stage.

“Her suit represents the eruption of a volcano; and symbolizes the rebirth of El Salvador,” the account of Miss Universe El Salvador said.

Similar to the Nicaraguan bet, Isabella’s attire also amassed several reactions.

“Haba ng screentime sa Nat’l Costume ni El Salvador. In fairness, ang gara ng costume ni ante [ate],” a Pinoy commented.

“Hands down to El Salvador. It’s a sure win for the National costume. #MissUniverse2023,” another user wrote.

“Ibigay kay El Salvador ang National Costume!” exclaimed a different Pinoy.

Meanwhile, Philippine bet Michelle Dee paid tribute to her role as a Philippine Air Force reservist and promoted the country’s breathtaking sights with her plane-inspired costume designed by Michael Barassi.

She is vying for the country’s fifth Miss Universe crown against more than 80 delegates.

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The grand coronation will happen in El Salvador on November 19 (Philippine time).

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