Jodi Sta. Maria shares Naia update as she reminds public to ‘stay dry’

July 28, 2023 - 6:30 PM
Naia in this photo posted by Jodi Sta. Maria on Twitter on July 27, 2023 (JodiStaMaria/Twitter)

Actress and cat lover Jodi Sta. Maria shared an update about her pet Naia (pronounced as Na-ya) as she reminded the public to keep themselves dry amid the occasional rains.

The furmom on Thursday, July 27 posted a picture of the orange tabby she rescued from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last January and accompanied it with a message to her followers.

“Naia (white heart emoji) Stay dry, everyone (folded hands emoji),” she tweeted.

The picture featured Naia sporting a neutral expression and lying on top of a plastic storage box with outstretched arms.

Jodi’s post has earned over 6,030 likes and 301,500 views so far.

It also earned various reactions from Twitter users, with some expressing amazement at the feline’s significant improvement after being adopted by the actress.

“Nakakaloka, ang taba na ni Naia, hahaha,” a Pinoy wrote.

“Had to research the story behind Naia and found this! Napakabuti ng puso mo, Jodi! Grabe transformation ni Naia! Hehe,” another Twitter user commented, sharing a picture of Jodi and her pet taken days after she rescued the cat.

“Well-groomed ang Naia na ‘yan,” wrote another Twitter user with heart emoji in response to Naia’s latest picture.

Other Pinoys, meanwhile, hoped Jodi was also safe while occasional rains continued to fall on Metro Manila and some nearby provinces due to the southwest monsoon enhanced by Typhoon Doksuri (formerly “Egay“).

“Egay” has destroyed houses, toppled power poles, uprooted trees, damaged infrastructure, and taken lives as it ripped through Luzon with its typhoon-force winds.

Its presence has also enhanced the prevailing southwest monsoon in the country by causing rains and thunderstorms.

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“Stay safe, atee!! Laki-laki na ni Naia,” a Twitter user wrote in response to Jodi’s post with a white heart emoji

“Ang cutieee, he’s all grown up na (face-holding-back-tears emoji). Stay safe din po, ate Jods!! (white heart emoji),” another user commented.

“Beautiful ginger, Naia! (heart-eyed cat emoji) stay safe and dry,” wrote a different Pinoy with a folded hands emoji.

Naia used to be the stray kitten that Jodi encountered at Terminal 1 of NAIA earlier this year.

According to her, the cat appeared to be “asking for humans to feed and help” him, adding that the passengers’ carts were bumping him at that time.

Jodi’s adoption story captured social media users’ attention.

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The actress has since been giving updates about the rescued feline.

She is an animal lover who is said to have a “soft spot for cats.”