Precious Paula Nicole, Lady Morgana reminisce wins ahead of ‘DRPH’ Season 2 finale

October 4, 2023 - 5:44 PM
Photo of crown for new winners of "Drag Race Philippines" Season 2 (dragraceph/Instagram)

Precious Paula Nicole and Lady Morgana are ready to pass on their titles to season 2 winners of “Drag Race Philippines.”

On October 12, 2022, Precious was crowned as the country’s first-ever Drag Race Superstar for winning the first season of “Drag Race Philippines.”

Meanwhile, Morgana was named Miss Congeniality of the local drag franchise.

In an Instagram post on September 30, Precious reminisced how much she has “conquered” after winning the grand prize of the country’s edition of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“I CONQUERED. Last year, I conquered Drag Race Philippines and became the first Filipino Drag Superstar. Along with the crown came countless opportunities for me na habambuhay ko ipagpapasalamat,” the Bicol native wrote.

“I was able to travel not just the Philippines but also parts of the world. I had the honor of meeting so many kind-hearted people. I was able to do things that I’ve always dreamt of doing,” she added.

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Precious further expressed confidence about “conquering” more things after her reign ended.

She also addressed viewers on which of the four remaining queens should win to succeed her.

“Yung S2 sisters ko, alam ko na sila din ay ready na…So which team are you?” Precious said.

Morgana was also grateful for the opportunity to be named as the Miss Congeniality of the reality show.

“Tonight, I will pass the crown for the next Miss Congeniality! Thank you @dragraceph for the opportunity!” the Davaoeña wrote on Instagram.

“I am your forever miss congeniality with all my heart! Forever grateful! Dalaygon!” she added.

The Visayan term “Dalaygon” translates to something commendable or praiseworthy in English.

Morgana used this remark to greet viewers and the panel of judges during her stint on the show. It then became part of her brand after it concluded.

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The first season of “DRPH” was considered a big push and a “win” for the local drag industry and the LGBTQIA community.

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Eva Le Queen, a season 1 finalist, dedicated the series’ coronation night to the community and aspiring drag performers.

“This is a win for all the drag kids, for all the LGBTQIA+ who are told that they are not good enough. Finally, we are taking space, and now we are the mainstream. We are all superstars and tonight, we are all celebrating that. Thank you so much,” she said in her speech.

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In the coming finale of the show’s second season, four talented drag queens, three of whom are transwomen, remain to vie for the elusive and coveted crown:

  • M1ss Jade Lakisu So
  • Bernie Diday
  • Captivating Katkat
  • Arizona Brandy

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The final episode will air at 7 p.m. on October 4 at WOW Presents Plus and HBO Go Asia.